At WINTER SKY we have created technology solutions that bring viewing metrics and real-time updates to CD-ROM marketing collaterals. These unique technologies deliver added value to the projects we develop or you. Differentiate your offering with our technology and you will stand out in your organization.

WINTER SKY specializes in the creation of interactive product demonstrations that deliver to your customers the experience of your solution enhancing their business. Our demonstrations increase your sales by effectively communicating your value to your customers.

Since 1991 the WINTER SKY team has been creating interactive product demonstrations for Internet and CD-ROM delivery, developing Internet technology to support marketing campaigns, designing and hosting learning management systems for corporate and end-user training, creating video and presentation materials for corporate events, building, hosting and maintaining client websites, and providing the project management expertise to deliver projects on time and on budget. We utilize a broad range of technology solutions to develop the right application to support your marketing initiative.

WINTER SKY also works with small and medium size businesses as a virtual marketing team to establish goals and create solutions that are not cost-effectively supported by staff resources. We utilize the 5-stage process of Preparation, Implementation, Deployment, Evaluation and Response. We bring the creative expertise of a team of individuals with over 80 years of combined experience. We support long-term marketing functions and short-term marketing projects. We provide the expertise you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Thank you for your interest in WINTER SKY and the services that we offer.

Orion Linekin, Principal
Mr. Linekin enjoys his work as a digital artist, software architect, multi-lingual coder and sales manager and systems engineer. Mr. Linekin combines an organic understanding of how things work with a wealth of experience in high-tech marketing. He has a gift for seeing the big picture; he instantly synthesizes data points into meaning; and he is proud of his ability to invent new technology if that’s what it takes to satisfy a client requirement. Long before the Internet entered the scene, Mr. Linekin was helping clients create digital marketing collateral. Much of his early work in eMarketing by its very nature included the first applications of new technology to make it work. Mr. Linekin was educated in Southern California and Arizona, and holds the distinction of being the first known Voice Mail engineer in Los Angeles in 1984. His vast experience covers more than 20 years in personal computers, software applications, telecommunications, networking, and start-up businesses.

Business Marketing Association - DFW Chapter
  Member, Board of Directors; Chair, Public Relations/Internet Technologies
Metroplex Technology Business Council
  Member, Small Business Roundtable Steering Committee
Richardson Chamber of Commerce
Greater Dallas Chamber

Lake Highlands Family YMCA, Y-Princess Program, 2001-2004, Chief 2002
Boy Scouts of America, Pack 435, Den 2, 2002-2004, Den Leader
First United Methodist Church of Dallas, teacher/class leader
Mankind Project, NWTA, November 2002