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efficiency + distribution = connections

How do you deliver your email newsletter to 500 people? Or 5000? With a wsNewsletter from WinterSky, we manage the process so you can focus on your business. Our turn-key solution is customized for you – from design to delivery, writing to layout, we get the news out on time.

efficiency: At WinterSky, we’ve done our homework. We’ve developed efficient processes enabling us to deliver high impact email newsletters in a quick and effective manner. We have the knowledge to manage the mechanics of the process allowing you to focus on the content, and the results. Within our systems, both HTML and text based emails are sent ensuring you’ll reach the widest possible audience with unique, creative messaging. We’ll use our experience in the market to guide you in crafting a newsletter that does not overwhelm your viewers or their system.

You focus on building your business while we focus on the virtual "paper route."

distribution: WinterSky’s high-speed servers are dedicated to distributing email newsletters, and nothing else. We distribute your message while your systems and servers are freed from generating massive emails. Additionally, we manage our servers to ensure that we do not end up on any "spammer" lists. Our software automatically handles the distribution of HTML and text versions. And, you’ll be able to see immediate, detailed reports outlining the success of your wsNewsletter campaign.

Focus on building your list and let us focus on sending your emails.

connections: wsNewsletters from WinterSky connect you to customers and deliver unique value, combining streamlined delivery with creative messages to create a single, effective marketing tool for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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"WinterSky makes my company's newsletter both easy and professional. After we created a newsletter template and design, all I have to do is provide them with new content text and in a few days I have a professional newsletter that creates compliments and interest from my customers. I highly recommend their service."
Deborah Avrin, Principal, Management Skills Resources, Inc.