We Help Your Clients Get Your Solutions

action + experience = sales
How do you know if your prospect has viewed your presentation? With a wsDemonstrationCD from WinterSky, you deliver a compelling experience and receive the data you need to measure success.

action: get moving with sound and animation. Create an experience. Tell a story. Engage you audience with tales of your success. Keep their attention.
LIghts! Camera! Action!

experience: An effective solution demonstration is fundamental to your sales process. Your prospects will buy your product when they experience the value your solution delivers to them. Our demonstrations deliver that experience. We tell your story with voice, music, video, animation and simulation.

Our modular design approach creates a demonstration platform that can be personalized to specific companies and individuals. And our development processes ensure that your demonstration can be seamlessly ported from CD to the Internet.

sales: Drive sales with interactive presentations that speak to your customers. Our demonstartions move your clients quickly forward in the sales process - your sales team focuses on booking the business. Contact us today to learn more.

"Working with WinterSky is easy - they know what they're doing, they easily handle our aggressive deadlines, and they've made us successful at every project in which they've been involved ."
Rod Lehman, then Vice President Marketing, Satmetrix Systems